Greetings, happy people of Earth! Here's a riddle of sorts for you: Can an engineer be astoundingly creative and, conversely, can a truly creative individual be a very thorough engineer?

Yes. Yes he can. Case in point? Our very own Juan Pablo Gutiérrez-González (Gutigon for short).

As a Creative Engineer in Puerto Rico, he has endeavored to come up with innovative, fool-proof design ideas for all sorts of venues.

Gutigon considers himself to be one really lucky individual who gets to live and work in the tropical paradise that is his native Puerto Rico, where he is more than fortunate enough to be able to work alongside his brother and closest friends.

Gutigon very happily credits most of his success to his wife Mari Epi, who supports and encourages him each and every day. He also enjoys immensely his role as father and role model to his sons, Pablo Enrique and Sebastían David.

When asked to sum up the source of his positive outlook on life, Gutigon cheerfully admited: "I am master, designer and curator of everything in my life; from the most simple of my ambitions to the loftiest of my dreams!"

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