Gutigon FB LLC is a subsidiary of Gutigon Corporation that exists as a platform to put into action ideas that address areas of opportunity in a fun and different way. The profits generated from GFB's operations are allocated to a fund earmarked for the education of our children.

What does FB mean?
FB is a double abbreviation. The Food and Beverage industry is abbreviated FB, likewise Family Business could be the same way. For us, this coincidence serves as a guide or north, seeing the Food and Beverage industry as a great opportunity to expand our Family Business.


We can define PALS informally as a friend, that person with whom you share an affinity and enjoy your company. Our project is a Cereal Bar which in a simple and cheerful way invites you to create your own recipe for flavor, exploring the possibilities of putting your creativity into practice. We live in a world so busy that our proposal includes elements that discreetly try to provide value to our customers not only in the product they buy, but also in the experience they live.

Our children: Pablo, Andres, Lucas & Sebasti√°n (PALS) are our greatest family blessing and training them as good people is our task. PALS Company is our first project with them with the purpose of helping them to build a better tomorrow full of opportunities and to make sure that the work overcomes it.

Why a Cereal Bar?
  1. As part of our childhood and adolescence, cereals influenced our behavior and decisions. TV commercials, scenes in films, characters that represented each brand and even the gifts or surprises that you found inside the box accompanied us in the formation of who we are today.
  2. One of our previous commercial adventures was a Bar. By nature, this operation serves the public at night and as parents we decided to collect the learning of it and put it into operation in an operation where our children can participate and grow.
  3. There is an immense variety of cereals available to the consumer that has diluted the category to one base on price leaving aside the fun and exciting part of it.


Why do we sell ice cream?
  1. The society to which we belong lives life at an accelerated pace, everything has to be instantaneous and we look for comfort at such an extreme point that we sacrifice the experience that accompanies each moment of life. The ice cream as the base of our Cereal Cream has been a success, the welcome has been great. And it has served as a tool to get the customer to come to consume in our stores and thus be able to get out of the routine and the hustle and bustle of this life. It is a Win-Win for the consumer, its fresh and crunchy product while giving a moment of disconnection and peace out of the routine.

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