XYZ Approach: Voluminization of problems.


There is no single way to face a problem, because it is essentially a creative process and creativity is not true science. But we have chosen a method, which in our opinion summarizes the ideal process to achieve the best possible solution. It is about having an absolute view of the problem. We call this "voluminization." It is the process of taking a problem of 1 single dimension to 3 dimensions to be able to see it from all angles, turn it around, touch it, transform it, etc. That is, to give "body" to the problem.

The first dimension, which is the one that has a problem when it reaches your hands, is the "what?" This is the initial dimension that we all have of a problem (example: the water bottles are breaking.) .... the second dimension is the "how?" With this dimension we can already imagine the shape and size of this problem. The how it gives us detail of the circumstances in which the problem occurs. (Example: they break when they arrive at the warehouse and the temperature is more than 90º, and there are more than 20 rows of boxes placed one on top of the other in the pallet, and this did not happen before we changed suppliers.) The third dimension is the "why?" With this last (but more important) dimension, we are clear about the depth and, therefore, the true size of the problem. Why it requires experimenting, researching and discarding.

Once the reason is reached, the solution must be relatively obvious. For example, if the research and process of discarding reasons leads to the bottles being broken because they are not designed to withstand more than 600 pounds, the solution may be to redesign the bottles to support more weight, or to lower the amount of bottle floors down to 600 pounds. You have to analyze costs to decide it. And each dimension of the problem requires its own process.

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