XYZ Approach: Voluminization of problems.


There are multiple ways to face a problem, because it is essentially a creative process and creativity is not true science. But we have chosen a method that summarizes the ideal process to achieve the best possible solution. It is about having an absolute view of the problem. We call this "voluminization." It is the process of taking a problem of plain dimension to a three dimensional outlook. That is, to give "body" to the problem. So you can be able to see it from all angles, touch it and ultimately transform it.

The first dimension, which is the one that was a problem when it reached your hands, is the "what?" This is the initial dimension that we all have of the problem. The second dimension is the "how?" With this dimension we can already imagine the shape and size of this problem. How it gives us details of the circumstances in which the problem occurs. The third dimension is the "why?". With this last (but more important) dimension, we are clear about the depth and, therefore, the true size of the problem. “Why” requires experimenting, researching and discarding.

Once the reason is reached, the solution must be obvious. Multiple answers can emerge and they must be analyzed to decide which is the best solution. Now you only have to execute.



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